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Cirrus Insight removes data entry to sync all of your emails, calendar events, and tasks directly to Salesforce standard and custom objects for standard reporting. 

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Your sales activity data. Always accurate. Always up-to-date.

Cirrus Insight monitors your inbox and automatically syncs emails to the appropriate contact or lead in Salesforce. With Calendar sync, team members’ schedules are automatically synced to and from Salesforce, allowing managers convenient access to their organization’s calendars. Sales teams will never open Salesforce again and key meeting events, customer emails, and tasks will be readily available in Salesforce.


of sales reps time is spent on non-selling tasks


of sale activity updates are ever entered into the CRM


Data-driven companies are 2.6x more likely to have a higher ROI

Activities are captured directly in Salesforce for standard reporting.

Email Sync

Keep customer data up to date. All customer email communication and important attachments sync directly to Salesforce, readily available for activity reporting.

Calendar Sync

Bi-directional sync for Calendar events including recurring events, historical record sync, custom sync windows, and more.

Task Sync

Never miss an important follow up. Tasks and workflows are automatically synced to Salesforce.

Enhancement Options

Thread-Based Sync

Get email thread continuity even when object relationships change, ownership changes, or there are multiple owners involved.

Email Blast Sync

Automatically file emails sent via Email Blast to Salesforce. All individual emails are filed manually unless your org's rules specify otherwise.

Smart Link

Rules based matching of events or emails to account and contact related objects in Salesforce such as opportunities, cases or custom objects.


Zero data entry. Free your sales team from Salesforce.

Cirrus Insight syncs emails, tasks, and calendars directly to Salesforce. Removing the need for manual entry, our sync solution automatically enters all email and calendar activity, as well as sales activities and extensive customer engagement data.


Complete data means better conversations between managers and their teams.

Capturing, recording, and storing sales activity directly into Salesforce, Cirrus Insight provides managers with all necessary data needed for accurate forecasts - all while freeing teams from CRM friction.


Designed for every organization, every inbox, every edition of Salesforce.

With over 3,000 accounts and 10 years of experience, Cirrus Insight understands no two organizations are the same. Developed with flexible tools capable of adapting to any company’s needs, our flagship product provides thoughtful solutions to solve even the most complex workflows - no matter how sophisticated the environment.

Connect one or many instances of Salesforce to one or many email services all through one powerful Salesforce sync tool that is flexible enough to provide the controls you need so all the activity data you require is synced to and from Salesforce while leaving out the data you don’t and making it easy to set up the sync options based on how your organization operates.


Deliver an excellent customer experience to everyone.

Ensure there are no gaps in activity or communication with key accounts. Cirrus Insight captures up-to-date information on account coverage the entire organization in order to provide a 360-degree view of the customer.

Michelle Clark
“This is a brilliant time-saving app, with the functionality we were looking for. It works perfectly to synchronize everything between Outlook and Salesforce, so we no longer need to copy and paste each email as we used to do!”
Michelle Clark

Frequently Asked Questions

What information can you sync from my email and calendar?

Cirrus Insight syncs emails, email attachments, calendar events with invitees, and tasks to and from Salesforce.

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