Flight Plans by Cirrus Insight

Automate your sales workflows to close more deals and builder stronger relationships.

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Currently Available for Gmail, Coming Soon to Outlook and Mobile

Build Powerful Sales Campaigns

Build a timeline of emails, calls, and to-do items, then you add prospects to your campaign. As they as they travel on their customer journey, you respond to their emails, make real calls, and create a relationship.

Create a winning sales process for your sales team with Flight Plans.

Take Immediate Action on Your To-Dos

Immediately see what you need to do for each prospect and take action right from your inbox. Personalize an email or hop on a call. You’ll never miss a follow-up or a task.

Track What Works and Optimize for More Wins

You’ll track every email, open, link click, reply, and outcome to measure the success of your templates and strategies. See what works and change what doesn’t, so you can continually improve your sales playbook.

Introducing Flight Plans
Introducing Flight Plans

Don’t Fear the Phone

Pull up call scripts, ring prospects, and save call notes all without leaving your workflow. All your call notes will flow straight in Salesforce.

Take Your Sales System on the Go

Access the full power of Flight Plans from your phone. View performance, add prospects to a Flight, and engage with customers from anywhere with your iPhone, iPad, or Android device.

View Team Leaderboards for Rankings

Identify leaders and create healthy competition between teams. Who has the most activities? Who has the best outcomes? Reward your team for success across the board.

See Step-by-Step Performance

Evaluate the prospect at every step of the process and compare the performance of each step so you know exactly where to make the biggest improvements.

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