Flight Plans

Drip Campaigns for Salespeople (No Technical Experience Necessary)

Do more with less time and effort by setting up a timeline of activities to nurture your sales relationships.

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Email Templates and Campaigns

Not sure what to say next? Access your Email Templates in your inbox to make the follow up process as painless as possible. Personalized emails work better. Email Campaigns allow you to send up to 500 unique emails at a time from your inbox using Salesforce templates, or by creating your own template with merge tags right from Gmail or Outlook.

Salesforce templates integration and template effectiveness is included in our Salesforce Pro integration.

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Drip Campaigns for Salespeople

Create more time in your day by automatically triggering personalized emails and calendar reminders to nurture every important client relationship.

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Email Analytics

Like any great marketing tool, Flight Plans include reporting on important metrics including opens and click-through rates. Our proprietary outcomes algorithm helps tie sales activity to revenue.

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Mass emails do not work, which is why we make it easy to incorporate merge tags and other elements for personalization.

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Click to Call

Click any phone number in the Cirrus Insight side panel in your inbox to call your prospects and customers from your favorite dialing platform like Google Voice or Skype. You can also include a Call Step in a Flight Plan drip campaign. When it's time to call, you'll be prompted with your personalized call script and then you can easily log the call details and notes to Salesforce.

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Flight Plans for Enterprise Scheduling

Want to automatically propose times to meet in the third email you send out to warm prospects? Now you can with Flight Plans (our drip campaign product) which automatically integrates with our Enterprise Scheduling product. Give it a spin during your free trial and start scheduling 3x more meetings.

List Building

You just received an email from a new prospect. Now what?! Check the Cirrus Insight side panel for contact and company information to give you context. Then click to add the new prospect to a Flight Plan. Why? So that you can make sure to follow up with a cadence of personalized emails, phone calls, and social outreach. By following the sequence of your proven sales playbook, you'll advance more conversations and close more deals.

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