Sales Productivity

What Would You Do with A Few Extra Hours Each Week?

It’s a serious question, because once you use Cirrus Insight, you’ll have to start thinking about what to do with all the extra time on your hands.

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Track when customers open your emails so you can follow up at just the right time

Email and Link Tracking tell you when customers and prospects open your emails and when they click hyperlinks inside the messages.  That way, you can tailor your follow-ups to individual customers and close more deals faster.

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Set follow-up reminders so you never let an opportunity pass you by

Need to remember to follow up on a proposal, quote, or sales pitch?

All you have to do is click the “Follow-up” button before you send a message to set how you’d like to be reminded. You can set exactly when you want the reminder to arrive, and you can even add notes and set it based on whether you get a response or not!

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Write a great email template and use it again and again to connect with different customers

Not sure what to say next? Access your Email Templates in your inbox to make the follow up process as painless as possible. Personalized emails work better. Email Campaigns allow you to send up to 500 unique emails at a time from your inbox using Salesforce templates, or by creating your own template with merge tags right from your inbox.

Salesforce templates integration and template effectiveness is included in our Salesforce Pro integration.

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Get more meetings with customers by putting your availability in your email

Scheduling a meeting should be simple. With Cirrus Insight, you can book a meeting with a single email. No more back and forth. We handle timezones and conflicts with ease.

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Schedule emails for delivery at just the right time to your customers

Thanks to Send Later, you no longer have to be around your computer to send emails when that golden time arrives. You can write emails and schedule them to go out at the desired time. Working on emails at 10 p.m. at night, and have them send out at 8 a.m. the next day. Want to crank out some email responses on a Sunday afternoon and have them send early Monday morning? No problem.

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Get instant customer and company information next to your emails

You just received an email from a new prospect. Now what?! Check the Cirrus Insight side panel for contact and company information to give you context. Plus, you have one-click access to connect with the prospect on social networks like LinkedIn. Always be prospecting!

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