Salesforce Integration

Everything You Need from Salesforce, In Your Inbox

Add a little automation to your sales routine, and skip the busy work involved in manually logging activities to Salesforce.

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Add new data into Salesforce so you can track prospects and opportunities from your inbox

Contacts, activities, and events—all entries you can edit and sync with Salesforce, from within your inbox.

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Write a great email template and use it again and again to connect with different customers

Not sure what to say next? Access your Email Templates in your inbox to make the follow up process as painless as possible. Personalized emails work better. Email Campaigns allow you to send up to 500 unique emails at a time from your inbox using Salesforce templates, or by creating your own template with merge tags right from your inbox.

Salesforce templates integration and template effectiveness is included in our Salesforce Pro integration.

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Update records in Salesforce from Gmail or Outlook

Work within your inbox by editing business contacts and leads—no need to log into Salesforce.

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Sync all your emails to Salesforce automatically to stay on top of your relationships

You thought saving emails to Salesforce from the inbox with one click was easy? We make it even simpler. With Email Sync, you’ll never have to manually add emails to Salesforce again.

Automatic email sync with options is included in our Salesforce Pro integration.

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Sync all your meetings between Salesforce and Google Calendar or Outlook

With Calendar Sync, all your events are automatically synced between Salesforce and your Gmail, Outlook, and mobile calendar. Change one and the others will match. Every hour, Cirrus Insight sweeps through both calendars and bidirectionally syncs information from one to the other. Events are automatically related to the right contacts in Salesforce.

5-minute sync that covers the whole year is included in our Salesforce Pro integration

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Get detailed analytics and custom dashboards in Salesforce

With Cirrus Insight Analytics in Salesforce, we’ll give you access to customizable reports that tell you who’s opened your emails, who’s clicked on the links you send, and much more. With Salesforce’s native reporting capabilities, you can create powerful management dashboards that tell you who is doing what and if it's working.

Included in our Salesforce pro integration

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Get a Salesforce-enabled inbox on your iPhone or Android

More and more sales professionals are checking email on the go and beyond typical office hours. You no longer have to be sitting at a desk in your office to keep up with your work. Or Salesforce for that matter. With Cirrus Insight, you can full access to both your inbox and Salesforce anywhere, anytime.

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Get instant customer and company information next to your emails

Instantly see the customer data you need in your inbox, including a complete activity history. No more searching Salesforce and switching back-and-forth as you work.

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Create and update events in Salesforce from your Google Calendar

Cirrus Insight for Google Calendar enables you to save meetings from Google Calendar to Salesforce. You have the option to relate meetings to standard and custom objects in Salesforce, and you can add custom notes and enter additional event information into Salesforce right from Google Calendar.

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Bring the best applications from the Salesforce AppExchange into your inbox

If you want to use an app from the AppExchange, you want to use it where you’re working: the inbox. We’ve brought the best of the AppExchange into Cirrus Insight.

Included in our Salesforce Pro integration

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Create new leads, contacts, opportunities, cases, and more in Salesforce

Instantly create new Salesforce records from your inbox. Avoid logging into Salesforce whenever you need to add a new Lead, assign a Task, or update an Opportunity. We’ll even automatically read the email signature and pre-fill the Salesforce fields in Cirrus Insight to make it fast and easy to build your prospect pipeline.

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Save call details in Salesforce including notes and custom fields

Using Cirrus Insight, you can log a call to Salesforce, and relate it to the appropriate lead or contact without leaving your inbox or while on your mobile device.

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Save emails and attachments to the right records in Salesforce

Manual data entry wastes time. You don’t adopt Salesforce when you feel like it’s a time-sink. Remove the tediousness by saving emails and attachments automatically or with a single click.

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