Cirrus Insight for the Consultant Role

As a consultant, your time is money. Do more with less time and effort by adding a little automation to your day-to-day workflow. Cirrus Insight's productivity tools include follow up reminders, read receipts, delayed sends, nurturing programs, and more -- and they're accessible even from your mobile device!

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Consultants choose Cirrus Insight to close more deals.

  • Stay on top of project progress and timelines with Salesforce task and opportunity data displayed right in your inbox
  • Maximize billable hours by cutting down on the busy work updating Salesforce
  • Leverage automated meeting scheduling to skip the 'What time works best for you?' routine
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Great App!

"I've been using Cirrus for a few months now, and it makes my SalesForce use so much easier because I can access in the Gmail tab. Definitely worth installing!!"

– Cassie Ratli, Senior Manager of Innovation, Accenture


Great Tool!

“We have been using Cirrus here at Fonteva over the last few weeks after transitioning over from SalesforceIQ. The tool is great and truly blows IQ out of the water. I highly recommend this tool if using either Gmail orOutlook as brings the power of Salesforce CRM right into your inbox."

– Adam Kebeck, Salesforce Admin, Fonteva​


Everyday Time Saver

“I'm not sure how I worked before this application! Being able to immediately add contacts, leads, and task information directly in my inbox without copy & pasting or switching back and forth between screens and tabs is a tremendous help! Love this app!”

– Laura Robichaux, Account Manager, Make and Build


We have thousands of amazing customers.

250,000 professionals use Cirrus Insight in Gmail or Outlook to track email opens, create personalized email templates, send email drip campaigns, set follow-up reminders, and schedule 3x more meetings with customers. Plus, Cirrus Insight has world-class Salesforce integration including email and calendar sync, and the ability to update Salesforce from your inbox – even custom fields and custom objects. We’re committed to delivering robust software with personal support. Give Cirrus Insight a try, and schedule a demo to get our insider tips for maximizing your inbox productivity.

Brandon & Ryan, co-founders

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