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Salesforce training and adoption are a piece of cake when you've got Cirrus Insight in your rep's inboxes. Our suite of productivity tools give your team the ability to capture data in Salesforce right from their inboxes, eliminating the time-consuming and costly learning curve! Install is self-service and we manage any updates for your users, alleviating the burden of supporting plug-ins on multiple types of devices and email clients. 

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Salesforce Admins choose Cirrus Insight to close more deals.

  • Get your reps logging calls in the Salesforce, right from their inbox -- with no training needed!
  • Dramatically increase adoption & reduce the number of clicks to complete mission critical tasks
  • Skip the cumbersome calendar/email plug-in installs and maintenance
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Great app

"After performing more than 100 Salesforce implementations, Cirrus Insight is simply the first app I install when starting a new project. It gets me quick wins with the users and rapidly increases adoption before I do anything complicated. It’s proof that the best solutions are always the simplest to achieve."

– Adrian Barkus, Enterprise Solutions Architect & Salesforce Administrator


Excellent mobile integration!

"We love Cirrus Insight at our company and this just extends that power to our mobile devices. It's so easy to review emails and attach pertinent info directly into Salesforce and relate it to the Opportunity, Contact, etc. This app eliminates the need to travel with my laptop!"

– Jeff Cheney, Salesforce Admin, Powerblanket


A must have to any organization using Gmail

“Cirrus is a must have for any organization using Gmail. Beyond creating contacts in Salesforce directly from Gmail and relating emails with one click, being able to look into Salesforce directly from my inbox has changed the way I collaborate with coworkers for the better. I was floored the first time I received an email from what I though was a new contact only to see the person has a history with our organization. Brilliant!”

– Matt Mechenbier, Salesforce Admin, Grameen Foundation


We have thousands of amazing customers.

250,000 professionals use Cirrus Insight in Gmail or Outlook to track email opens, create personalized email templates, send email drip campaigns, set follow-up reminders, and schedule 3x more meetings with customers. Plus, Cirrus Insight has world-class Salesforce integration including email and calendar sync, and the ability to update Salesforce from your inbox – even custom fields and custom objects. We’re committed to delivering robust software with personal support. Give Cirrus Insight a try, and schedule a demo to get our insider tips for maximizing your inbox productivity.

Brandon & Ryan, co-founders

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