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Cirrus Insight frees up your customer-facing teams by automatically collecting all activity data completely and securely.
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Cirrus Insight drives Salesforce adoption by freeing teams from CRM friction.

By automatically syncing your sales teams’ activities with Salesforce, Cirrus Insights helps CRM admins reduce CRM data entry and friction for sales teams, and also gives CRM admins the data they need to pull reports for managers looking to make forecasts.

Automated Sync

All your team’s activities are automatically synced between their inboxes and the permanent record in Salesforce—making life easier for anyone in your organization who needs access to accurate data.

Data Safety

All of the data that goes between your team and Salesforce is encrypted via TLS (Transport Layer Security) ensuring anything that is confidential stays confidential.


Cirrus Insight has passed the Salesforce security review 10 years in a row. It supports 2-factor authorization, OAuth 2.0, and SSO. Rest assured your data is secure.


Cirrus Insight helps fix the bad or missing data problem. Permanently.

Cirrus Insights connects your sales team’s inboxes to Salesforce, then syncs any new information from one to another. Events and activities are automatically added to contact records in Salesforce, completely eliminating the need for anyone on your sales team to log in and do the work. It automates the data entry so your team is free to focus on their KPIs and sales. The result is better Salesforce customer data in all the groups that use it.
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Bring a solution that brings joy to Sales Reps and Managers.

Let’s be honest: Salesforce is cumbersome. It requires reps to stop selling to enter data into the CRM. It doesn’t fit naturally into the sales process. So it’s no wonder sales reps and account executives struggle to keep it up-to-date—when they agree to use it all. The result? Inaccurate data, bad reports, and a lack of real insights into the sales process. Managers need reliable customer data in Salesforce. Cirrus Insight gives Salesforce admin’s the chance to free both sides from CRM friction.

Easy to install for Lightning, Experience Cloud, and any Salesforce instance.

Once your team has Cirrus Insight installed, they’ll have full access to the data and information stored in Salesforce from the sidebar in the email inbox. It’s so easy, no wonder Cirrus Insight helps dramatically increase adoption and use of Salesforce across organizations. Not to mention, Cirrus Insight also integrates to Experience Cloud!
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Matt Mursten
"Great tool! Does exactly what it says it does. We are able to get our email synced to Salesforce automatically, without additional steps for our reps."
Matt Mursten, Senior Salesforce Administrator
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Cirrus Insight can make your organization more data-driven.

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