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Cirrus Insight Helps Over 600 Financial Service Firms Save Time & Money


Operational Compliance

Cirrus Insight allows a firm’s operational workflow to be streamlined and dissolves the risk for gaps taking place within the firm’s operation.

Security is important. That is why at Cirrus Insight, we take measures that are far beyond our competition to make sure our system is secure and holds data compliance to a high standard.

Cirrus Insight undergoes annual cyber penetration testing completed by professional hackers.

Needless to say, Cirrus Insight keeps your data secure, and takes customer protection measures adequate for the leading financial organizations in the United States and globally.


A tool you can rely on

To generate quality relationships with your clients, you need to keep track of all the information that they rely on you to know. Never miss a key piece of information by automatically syncing all your emails directly to Salesforce.

Keep the important information where it needs to be and never worry about it again.

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Meet with more clients faster than before

With Cirrus Insight’s Calendar Scheduling feature, you will be able to incorporate your custom calendar link into your emails so clients can book directly with you. Your advisor assistant will also be able to send out your meeting link and book with clients on your behalf, saving you time.

With already over 100,000 meetings booked, Cirrus Insight is a scheduling tool that you can rely on.


Consolidate your client information all in one place

Your workflow is being overwhelmed with busy work, client activities, and management needs. With Cirrus Insight you will be able to manage the risk of becoming overwhelmed by leveraging auto-sync, client engagement analytics, calendar invites, and Salesforce Object management all in one place.

The Cirrus Insight sidebar keeps you on track and focused so you can get more clients, and serve the ones you have.

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Adapt to clients’ needs

63% of Clients want to be involved in their own asset management when working with a Financial Service worker. Adapt to your client’s needs by logging pertinent contact level information into Salesforce without having to leave your email.

Cirrus Insight is making it easy to adapt to your clients’ needs by giving you more time to focus on what’s important to them.


Set-up and send out mass personalized emails to keep your clients up to date

With Cirrus Insight Email Blast you will be able to send out personalized emails at scale to all your client groups. Just like calendar scheduling, your assistant will also have the power to send out Email Blasts to your clients on your behalf, from her sidebar, but sent from your email.

Utilizing Salesforce templates you will be able to create a message fit for all your clients and send it out in minutes from your Sidebar. Sending out quarterly financial reviews has never been easier.

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Courtney Roberts
" With Cirrus Insight, we can maintain a high level of operational efficiency that serves our clients with the best experience. We also have more data to understand how many times we are meeting with clients and making sure they are getting the attention they need so we can retain and build our client base."
Courtney Roberts, Chief Operations Officer
Barber Financial Group

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