Free your team from the hassles of CRM friction.

With Cirrus Insight, eliminate busy work for your team and increase pipeline conversions while mitigating risk.
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Cirrus Insight makes your CRM a single source of truth.

By automatically syncing your sales teams’ activities with Salesforce, Cirrus Insights helps uncover unseen opportunities, hot leads, and makes it easy for your team to communicate with the right prospects.

Salesforce Sync

All your team’s activities are automatically synced between their inboxes and the permanent record in Salesforce—so your team can focus on hitting their KPIs and delivering more sales.

Meeting Tracking

Cirrus Insight automates appointment and event scheduling for your team, streamlining tracking of crucial sales meetings. Identify key participants in these meetings to enhance coaching and ensure maximizing every interaction.

Sales Activity Data

You’ll get easy visibility into how your team spends their time to help uncover more coaching opportunities to ensure your team is delivering the results you need.

Email Templates

Repurpose and create your best performing emails to be used over and over again so your team can focus on valuable activities that generate revenue.

Sales Cadences

Create automated multi-touch cadences to model your sales process and make prospecting and follow ups even easier for your team. 


Free your teams: Reduce CRM friction and refocus on impactful activities.

Let’s be honest: your sales team spends way too much time focused on the wrong tasks—entering data into your CRM instead of following up on leads and prospects in your sales pipeline. Forget unnecessary check-ins about CRM hygiene and empower your team.
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Work Smarter with context from sales activity and customer engagement.

Surface buyer intent insights that keep your team performing at the highest levels to enable higher close rates and get better customer outcomes. Meanwhile, you can collaborate with your team using real context that drives deal strategies.

Build a High Performing Organization: Increase pipeline conversions and mitigate risk.

Cirrus Insight allows managers to predict and illuminate blind spots related to revenue performance during pipeline reviews. With all of the activity data, managers can analyze activity trends and KPIs to optimize pipeline performance. Having Salesforce as a single reliable source of truth allows managers to foresee pipeline health and take action.
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Jeff Haley
"We have used Outreach, Salesloft, Yesware, and even the Native Salesforce side bar in gmail and nothing can replace the efficiency of this product. If you are a Gmail user and need to have visibility into Salesforce without going back and forth while ensuring emails are logged and tracked, this tool does the job better than anything out there. Huge time saver!"
Jeff Haley, Sales Manager

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