The Intel You Need to Prioritize Leads

See who’s really reading your sales emails

For centuries (or more realistically, decades) sales reps have debated one simple question: if you send hundreds of emails every week should you actually follow up with all of them? 

If we’re being honest, not every prospect wants to hear from you again. Others, though, can’t wait for your name in their inbox. So how do you even start? Do you rank them? Pull a name from a hat? Just guess?

What you need is insight on who’s most receptive. Luckily, Cirrus Insight gives you a complete picture of how your emails perform. By tracking who opened your message, the links that were clicked, and the web pages visited, Cirrus Insight automatically ranks engaged prospects so you know who to prioritize. Get the intel you need to qualify new leads and figure out who’s ready for another message… or three.

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