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"This is the missing link that I needed for my sales team and customer service. I now not only have better information flowing into Salesforce but a sales team that is so much happier.","This is how all Salesforce - Email products should work. Easy to use with all the functionality you can imagine and then some. Genuinely helped me save an hour a day.","This thing actually works. Within 5 minutes of figuring out how it worked I instantly realized how much time this was going to save me. Heck of an app and I highly suggest ANY Salesforce user should pick this up.","By far this is the best app I've used from the Appexchange. Couldn't live without it!","After using the free trial we rolled out Cirrus to our entire team and I've already noticed a difference in the quantity and quality of data people are inputting into Salesforce. Having the power of Salesforce at your fingertips from the easy interface of Gmail means that data entry doesn't lag on never-ending to-do lists!"

Review by Mary Sisson,Gareth Stephens,Erich Garcia, Steve Schmutz, Ashley Mark on the Salesforce AppExchange

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Bridging the Gap Between Gmail and Salesforce

Sales on the Move

The sales world is constantly in flux. With rapidly transforming markets, ever-changing customers, and new technologies always around the corner, sales professionals must evolve with the industry to thrive.

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Bridging the Gap Between Mobile Email and Salesforce

Sales on the Move

The world of sales is changing. There has recently been a major shift in how sales is conducted. Salespeople now rely heavily on their mobile devices to conduct sales and engage with customers.

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