CMIT Solutions uses Cirrus Insight to get better customer insights and drive more sales opportunities for their franchisees

CMIT needed better customer data to drive more effective marketing for their franchisees.

Franchisees needed better functionality to serve their clients.

Cirrus Insight helped them get both.

Better end-customer insights from all franchisee network

Informed decision-making for better marketing

Increased franchisee satisfaction

Adrianne Marquez
“With better customer insights from franchisees, we'll be able to do more and better centralized marketing on their behalf”
Adrianne Marquez, Franchise Operations Manager
CMIT Solutions, LLC

CMIT Solutions supports more independently owned franchisees who provide high-level IT services to small and medium-sized businesses. CMIT provides the tools, systems, and corporate support franchisees need to grow their businesses.

  • Industry:IT
  • Size: $24 million +
  • # of Franchisees: 900+


By adding Cirrus Insight's application to franchisees’ email accounts, CMIT was able to:

Increase franchise satisfaction
Free up franchisee’s time for client-facing activities
Create more impactful marketing to drive revenue
Increase franchise satisfaction
The Challenge

Driving effective marketing for franchisees needed complete and accurate data from the field.

CMIT wanted to do more and better centralized persona-based marketing and uncover new business opportunities for its franchisees. Capturing and maintaining clean customer data was very important to validate their brand message and value proposition to the market.

But franchisees were simply too busy servicing their client to take time for a task with seemingly no value —data entry into Salesforce Community Cloud.

That meant CMIT couldn’t get the critical information such as:

  • Lead source - where are leads coming from
  • Industry information
  • Key client activity data around meetings scheduled
  • Personas—the individual roles the franchisees were working with
Adrianne Marquez
“Standardization is becoming key, and we want certain data. Some of the basic ones are the lead sources; what industries they are in... We were trying to do more centralized marketing on their behalf, and without this data, we couldn’t do it.”
Adrianne Marquez, CMIT Solutions, LLC

No supported Community Cloud email integration

Salesforce email integration products; Salesforce for Outlook and Salesforce Lightning do not support Community Cloud. While most of CMIT Solutions’ franchisees used Outlook as their email provider, they needed to support a wide range of email services, including Gmail and Office 365, in order to accommodate all of their franchisees and collect as much data as possible.

Previous integration options either failed to support a wide enough range of email services, weren’t compatible with Community Cloud, or proved to be unreliable and error-prone.

Adrianne Marquez
“I've never had good success with any of the Outlook integrations provided by Salesforce. I've found that they don't really work well together”
Adrianne Marquez, CMIT Solutions, LLC

Franchisee Experience

CMIT was committed to providing a solid process to its franchisees that would help them be more effective in their work and grow efficiently. Having a Salesforce Email integration was a feature that was highly requested by CMIT franchisees.

Salesforce Community Cloud solved CMIT Solutions’ need for a centralized place to store all customer and franchise data; however, Community Cloud does not provide many of the out-of-box features that a full Salesforce license offers, such as inbox sync and sidebar functionality.

Adrianne Marquez
“Our Franchisees don't have a lot of time to do data entry. So, that's why we looked into Outlook integration. It was highly requested. But, what we discovered when we moved over to Community Cloud, is that some of the out-of-the-box Salesforce features weren't available.”
Adrianne Marquez, CMIT Solutions, LLC

No way to quickly enter customer data from mobile devices

To make the situation even more challenging, field representatives had no fast or reliable way to enter customer data into Community Cloud from their mobile device while conducting in-person meetings. In particular, field reps expressed a strong desire for a mobile app that would allow them to scan business cards and intelligently capture contact information in order to create the contact in their Community Cloud account.

Adrianne Marquez
“Our agents leverage their sphere of influence. They're out and about meeting people and need access to Salesforce, from their mobile phones. They don't have a lot of time to do data entry. So, that's why we looked into Outlook integration. It was highly requested.”
Adrianne Marquez, CMIT Solutions, LLC

Cirrus Insight automates data collection so franchisees can focus on their clients. Not data entry.

When CMIT’s Franchise Solutions Manager, Adrianne Marquez, read a comment in the AppExchange about Cirrus Insight's ability to integrate email with Salesforce Community Cloud, she knew she needed to learn more. If Cirrus Insight could connect Outlook to Community Cloud, it would be a game changer for her organization.

CMIT added Cirrus Insight to each franchisee’s email account on a hosted exchange server. Then Cirrus Insight went to work—automating the transfer of email and calendar data to Salesforce Community Cloud.

CMIT Solutions found that Cirrus Insight also provides many other features that enable their franchisees to make data-driven decisions, save time, and close more deals:


Automatic calendar sync + meeting scheduling

CMIT Solutions began using Cirrus Insight to give their franchisees the ability to automatically sync all of their customer interaction and sales activity data such as meetings, and contact details from their Outlook, Office 365, or Gmail account directly into Salesforce Community Cloud.

Adrianne Marquez
“With Salesforce Community Cloud, none of the native Salesforce integrations could connect with our email systems. Only Cirrus Insight worked. It’s easy. And Cirrus Insight has all of the mobile features our franchisees need to collect data—no matter where they are.”
Adrianne Marquez, CMIT Solutions, LLC

Calendar sharing

Cirrus Insight also made the process of scheduling meetings with customers automatic, easy, and convenient. With Cirrus Insight, reps can now send their clients a URL link to view a calendar of all of the franchisee’s available times. The client can then select the day, time, and meeting type that works best for them, and book the meeting instantly. There’s no more back-and-forth, which means more meetings get scheduled, and more deals are won.


Mobile app + business card scanning

Franchisees also used Cirrus Insight's mobile app to integrate directly with Salesforce Community Cloud, allowing them to quickly and easily file emails, log calls, view and create tasks, and manage their pipeline on the go. Franchisee’s use Cirrus Insight's business card scanning feature to intelligently capture contact details into Community Cloud, again eliminating manual data entry, and saving valuable time.

Adrianne Marquez
“One of the big reasons we went with you guys as well is mobile business card scanning. Our franchisees, for whatever reason, they love it! It saves them a ton of time. That was number one on their list for Outlook integration.”
Adrianne Marquez, CMIT Solutions, LLC

Complete data and insights needed to drive better marketing and growth for franchisees.

With Cirrus Insight, CMIT was able to dramatically improve data collection without requiring franchisees to change their behavior. CMIT got:

Valuable insights for improved decision-making and increased sales.

Cirrus Insight helped uncover new insights and data that helped them accurately project revenue, run smarter marketing campaigns, and drive more sales opportunities for their franchisees.

Adrianne Marquez
“So, we're trying to capture more information about the types of people that we're dealing with, and what role they're in, so we can do more persona-based marketing.”
Adrianne Marquez, CMIT Solutions, LLC

Value proposition validation

CMIT Solutions is committed to providing more value of their franchisees. By providing the functionality to easily capture critical data, using customized simple dropdown fields,  CMIT is being able to validate value propositions and improve marketing messages along the entire buyer’s journey.

Adrianne Marquez
“We’ve identified 10 main reasons that people contact us. They have a slow computer, slow internet, or they're in need of security services or email services. So, having information on that, we can also do more marketing, drive a better brand nationally, and to personalize it to those buyer journeys.”
Adrianne Marquez, CMIT Solutions, LLC

Increased franchisee satisfaction

The elimination of time-consuming, tedious, manual data entry meant less stress and frustration for franchisees, higher satisfaction, and more time for enjoyable activities that directly contribute to business growth.

Adrianne Marquez
"Making it easy for franchisees to maintain clean data, then we're going to be able to better market, therefore create more sales qualified leads for them."
Adrianne Marquez, CMIT Solutions, LLC

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