Admins | How do I set up Signature Capture?


When creating a contact or lead from the Sidebar, Signature Capture will automatically scan an email signature to pre-fill important fields like name, email address, phone number, and more.

Users can quickly review the pre-filled fields, swap first and last name if needed, and enter any additional custom or required fields.


  • Cirrus Insight Admin permissions (only for initial setup).
  • Signature must contain an email address.


1. In the Admin Dashboard, navigate to Sidebar > Salesforce Integration > Email .

2. Scroll down and enable Signature Capture.

  • Select if Users can modify the setting to be enabled in their individual Sidebar or not.
  • The dependent setting Swap first/last names will be enabled by default.
⚠️     Some orgs may not see the Signature Capture setting. In this instance, select the Chat with us button in the bottom right of this page and Support will enable the feature for your org.

3. Select Save.

CI21 admin dashboard enable signature capture

User Steps

Refer users to How do I use Signature Capture?.


  • Multiple signatures within email threads are supported as long as each separate signature contains a unique email address.
  • If enabled, Signature Capture utilizes a secure third-party service to parse the email body for signature information when creating new contacts/leads. This doesn't require any URLs to be allowed/trusted. By default, Signature Capture will be disabled unless an Admin enables it.
  • Multiple phone numbers per signature are supported and can be mapped to different phone number fields.

Updated Aug. 2021

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