Release Notes - Sidebar Outlook Desktop 05.04.2018

Cirrus Insight Spring Roll-up Release

Enhancements and bug fixes sorted by sub-release follow. – February Release

Major Changes

  • URL Defender Workaround to prevent false reports in Customer insights
  • UserSettings configurations now available for organizations from the server

SF Changes

  • Exclude the parent Event or Task in a recurring series
  • Salesforce Spring 18 bug resolutions
  • Custom validation message if the user tries to add a Task or Event to a Lead and another object
  • Orgs can set up Cirrus Insight auditing fields on any SF object in order to track when Cirrus Insight creates or modifies any Salesforce record.  This feature is explained fully here:  Cirrus Insight Activity Audit Fields

Minor UI Changes

  • Global font size and color standardization
  • Global header, margin, spacing standardization
  • The Red field validation border is a clean box
  • Task Pane refreshes when switching between events on separate calendars
  • Cirrus Insight Category applied to Synced events by default
  • Entire contents of Contact and Lead expanders will scroll.  Previously the headers were pinned to the top
  • The Actions Menu should no longer appear too far to the right of Outlook window
  • Converted ribbon components to current MS standard
  • Registry setting to improve appearance of Salesforce Sign-In screen – April Release

  • File Email when composing will file the email immediately rather than after the user has sent the message
  • Remove ItemSent event listener unless the user has AutoFile (or an ECM connection) enabled
  • Remove event listeners for added and changed items where possible
  • Restore feature to add ZB category to synced Tasks, Contacts, and Events
  • Ignore and hide IE Javascript error popups
  • Set Tasksubtype=Email
  • Do not allow a user to select both a WhatId object and a WhoId Lead object since this is an invalid combination in Salesforce.
  • Minor bug fixes
    • Support search queries that contain a plus sign
    • Support recipient emails that contain a single quote
    • Disable Quick File for Contact Header
    • Hide Error popup when adding an activity from an Outlook Contact


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