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There are occasions where an email is received that causes action to be needed for a person or entity who is not included in the email.  ZynBit accommodates this through a versatile search function.

An example of the need and process for using search follows:  Imagine that you are conducting an email conversation with a business partner or a peer, but that conversation is related to an opportunity and you want to capture the email into Salesforce for future reference.  You would search for the opportunity name and then file the email as usual.

The search is invoked using the blue magnifying glass at the top of the ZynBit task pane.  You can search for all objects which will search across Salesforce for Accounts, contacts, Leads, Opportunities etc.  You can also search for a specific record type, such as Account.

The information card is displayed for each entry is based on the Salesforce compact layout.  The content can be modified by the Salesforce administrator by creating or changing a compact layout and assigning it to the appropriate profile in Salesforce.

The Search bar in ZynBit is directly linked to the Salesforce search API.  As such the standard Salesforce best practices for searching also apply here.

  • Search on as much of the phrase (name of account, person, opportunity or case) as possible Steve Jobs
  • Enclose the search term in quotation marks to limit search results to those that match all search terms in the order entered. “Steve Jobs”
  • Use search operators AND, AND NOT, OR to be more precise in search terms
  • Use Parenthesis to group search terms together.
  • See the Salesforce article for more details on search best practices - Search Best Practices
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