Archive | Set Email Task Type to "Email"

ZynBit stores email as a completed task.

ZynBit will populate the field "Task SubType" with a value of Email when filing the email.

To populate the Type field with the same value, use the following instructions for Classic Salesforce:  Open the Setup menu and select App Setup -> Create -> Workflows and Approvals -> Workflow rules.

Click New to create the workflow rule and select Task from the drop down on Step 1.


In Lightning, click the Setup gear on the right top part of your screen, and choose Platform Rules -> Process Automation -> Workflow rules -> New Rule


Create the Rule Criteria using the example below:

In step 3, Add a workflow action for New Field Update.

When the update screen appears, choose the Field Name Type and use the following example to set the value to Task.

Your workflow is now created.  Do not forget to activate the workflow!

Conversion Pixel Image