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Cirrus Insight Works with Every Edition of Salesforce

Multiple Devices

Every license includes access to our Gmail, Outlook, Office 365 and Mobile apps

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Community, Portal & Platform Edition Pricing Available

What's included in each plan?

Email Tracking Starter Closer
Unlimited Email Tracking
Unlimited Link Tracking
Calendaring & Scheduling
Book Meetings from Your Inbox
Two-way Calendar Sync with Salesforce
Salesforce tab in Google Calendar
Color Coded Calendar Sync
Enhanced Calendar Sync
Inbox Automation
Send Emails Later
Mail Merge with Salesforce Templates
Set Follow-Up Reminders
Sync Salesforce Contacts to Google Apps
Email Campaigns for Gmail
Email Sync
Salesforce Productivity
Save Emails & Attachments to Salesforce
Save Emails for Custom Objects
Instantly View Customer Records
Custom Buttons in Salesforce
Cases Integration
Events Integration
Leads & Contacts Integration
Opportunities Integration
Tasks Integration
Assign Tasks to Colleagues
Log Calls to Salesforce
View/Edit Custom Objects-Related Lists
Salesforce Template Editor
Support for Record Types, Dependent Pick Lists, Required Fields, Custom Fields, Validation Rules
Integration with AppExchange Applications
Inbox Apps™
Chatter Integration
HTTPS/SSL 256-bit Encryption
Support for Salesforce EAccount management dashboardAccount management dashboardncryption
Whitelist Available for Specific Domains & Users
Support for Salesforce Profiles and Permissions
Salesforce Single Sign-On Support
Dedicated Account Manager
Knowledge Base
Account Dashboard
Email Support

Mobile Apps for the Mobile Salesperson

Every License Includes Access to Our iPhone, iPad and Android Apps

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a nonprofit discount?

We offer nonprofits a 50% discount. Please contact us for the nonprofit discount code.

How do monthly subscriptions work?

You will be automatically charged on a monthly basis for a monthly subscription. If you don't want to renew your subscription, you can cancel at any time.

How do yearly subscriptions work?

You will be automatically charged on a yearly basis for a yearly subscription. Don’t worry, we will email you each year to remind you of your upcoming renewal. If you don't want to renew your subscription, you can cancel at any time.

Can I sync past emails and/or calendar events?

Yes. To set this up, please contact your account executive or fill out our contact form.

Other questions?

Please don’t hesitate to contact us.