Fully Integrate Salesforce with Gmail, Office 365 and Mobile

$19 Per User/Month

Billed Annually

- or -

$28 Per User/Month
Billed Monthly

FREE Version Available for Gmail & Mobile

includes Unlimited Email Tracking and Send Later

  • Community, Portal and Platform Edition Pricing Available
  • Non-Profits are Eligible for 50% Off
  • Enterprise and Volume Pricing Also Available

Cirrus Insight Brings You:

I love being able to attach files. It's a perfect app to marry Gmail & SF, and makes my professional life so much easier! Would definitely recommend it!

By Holly Rutledge, Home Ownership Counselor at Adair Homes in Seattle

Cirrus Insight has drastically improved our team's use of Salesforce. We spend a good chunk of our day in Google apps, and it's game changing to have your data constantly in front of you while you're working. It means we're using SF tasks, saving emails to Opportunities, creating leads, and updating contact info far more than we were previously. The interface is well designed, and everyone got themselves up and running right away with no training required. Highly recommended.

By Christopher McCullough, Principal at Percolator Consulting in Seattle

Every time I turn around our Geeky-boys are plying us with the next new thing to try- better instant communications, better calendaring, better this, better that. So I am always skeptical that it would be any better or different. ##Cirrus IS the Best New Thing. Even I could use it from the onset and truly love it! I do one step integration, not 3 now. ##thank you!!

By Robbn Miller, Partner Manager at Townsend Security in Seattle