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Show your users their Salesforce tasks, opportunities, and even AppExchange products right in their Gmail and Outlook inbox. Logging calls and email can't get any easier than this -- and with our enterprise management tools, you can manage licenses provisioning all in one place. Take Cirrus Insight for a test drive to see how it can skyrocket adoption and help you see the full return on your Salesforce investment.  

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Enterprises choose Cirrus Insight to close more deals.

  • Drive Enterprise-wide adoption of Salesforce with productivity tools users love
  • Centralized management of licenses and access -- but with self-service tools for users to customize their views
  • Capture the email, call, and meeting data you need to demonstrate the return on your Salesforce investment
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Easy to Use!

“I used to have the Salesforce for Outlook app, but when we switched to Gmail, needed to find a new way to integrate the two. The download/install was seamless and it has been super easy to use so far!”

– Lindsey Schwartz, Small Business Relationship Manager, LinkedIn


Seamless Integration

“If you use gmail and, this is the app you need. The integration of calendars makes tracking appointments and sharing calendars a breeze. Installation is very quick.”

– Rich Holland, Sales Training Developer, Roche Diagnostics


Easiest Integration I've Seen Productivity improvement

“This is a great resource with flexible tools. Quick adds and detailed association fields make this the cleanest way to update SalesForce in an automated manner. Saves me SO much time.”

– Kathleen Larrick, Account Manager, Rosetta Stone


We have thousands of amazing customers.

250,000 professionals use Cirrus Insight in Gmail or Outlook to track email opens, create personalized email templates, send email drip campaigns, set follow-up reminders, and schedule 3x more meetings with customers. Plus, Cirrus Insight has world-class Salesforce integration including email and calendar sync, and the ability to update Salesforce from your inbox – even custom fields and custom objects. We’re committed to delivering robust software with personal support. Give Cirrus Insight a try, and schedule a demo to get our insider tips for maximizing your inbox productivity.

Brandon & Ryan, co-founders

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