Cirrus Insight Announces Smart Scheduler: Coming Soon!

Instantly Connect Your Customers to the Right Team Member's Calendar


Shorten your time to revenue by automatically scheduling web-visitors with the people that generate revenue outcomes. Instantly triangulate availability, resource utilization, and assignment rules to eliminate unnecessary delay and administrative cost.

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Proudly Supporting Over 50,000 Customer Facing Teams Across The Globe


Automate Scheduling Hand-Offs with Smart Scheduler

  • Marketing -> Sales  
  • Sales -> Onboarding  
  • Onboarding -> Success 
  • Sales -> Fulfillment
  • Fulfillment -> Support
  • Community -> Product

The Power of Smart Scheduler


Configurable Business Logic


Optimized Team Utilization


Reporting & Analytics


Fully Automated Routing Engine


Website, CRM & Email Integration


Skills & Availability Matching

Why Upgrade your Scheduling Technology?


Convert Web Visitors Into Sales Calls

Don't let warm leads slip through the cracks with outdated forms. Automatically route leads that are on your website to the right rep instantly and avoid wasted opportunities.

  • Considerations for rep territory & skillsets
  • Optimize for availability
  • Optimize for utilization
  • Customizable meeting windows

Accelerate Fulfillment Cycles

By intelligently connecting customers with the right resources and optimizing scheduling efficiency, Smart Scheduler empowers businesses to expedite order delivery, enhance operational agility, shorten lead time, and drive customer satisfaction.

  • Efficient resource allocation.
  • Real time tracking & visibility
  • Optional or required booking inputs

Optimize Capacity for Customer-Facing Teams

Allocate resources based on real-time demand and capacity to avoid overutilization or underutilization of team members. Analyze customer scheduling patterns to identify trends and refine your processes.

  • Enhanced matching capabilities
  • Reporting & analytics
  • Easy setup & configuration
  • Integration with email & CRM

Unlock Cost Savings with Streamlined Scheduling

Throw away your assignment spreadsheets and manual scheduling processes. Implement a scheduling assistant that automatically matches customers to the right resources through rich assignment logic.

  • Configurable business logic
  • Visibility of every meeting scheduled
  • Factor in existing assignments
  • Real-time administration

Efficient Scheduling for All Types of Meetings

Revolutionize scheduling process & enhance operational efficiency and student satisfaction in higher education.

  • Streamline Student Advisor Appointments
  • Simplify Faculty Office Hours
  • Automate Resource & Facility Bookings
  • Facilitate Tutoring & Learning Support
  • Manage Campus Events & Activities
  • Organize Exam & Test Scheduling

Transform scheduling for seamless wealth management operations and client satisfaction.

  • Streamline Client-Advisor Appointment Scheduling
  • Facilitate Portfolio Reviews & Financial Planning Conversations
  • Optimize Resource Allocation & Team Collaboration
  • Automate Reminders & Pre-Meeting Communication
  • Capture Data Insights & Analytics

Improve scheduling for enhanced operational efficiency in commercial banking.

  • Improve Access to Relationship Manager Appointments
  • Facilitate Loan Application & Consultation Meetings
  • Streamline Scheduling for Cash Management & Treasury Services
  • Create Easy Branch Appointments
  • Provide Easy Access to FinancialAdvisory
  • Improve Customer Satisfaction through Simplified Scheduling

Elevate operational efficiency and scheduling processes in insurance.

  • Boost Policy Consultations & Sales Appointments
  • Facilitate Claims Processing & Adjuster Scheduling
  • Streamline Insurance Assessments & Inspections
  • Automate Renewal Reminders & Policy Reviews
  • Simplify Agent Training & Education Scheduling
  • Improve Customer Service & Support

Reconfigure scheduling for improved efficiency in facilities management.

  • Simplify Scheduling for Maintenance & Repairs
  • Facilitate Cleaning & Janitorial Services
  • Streamline Vendor Management & Service Appointments
  • Proactive Management & Preventative Maintenance Planning
  • Provide Real-Time Access to Meeting Room & Space Booking

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