How do I enable Thread-Based Sync for my org using Email Message Object?

Disclaimer: This feature is currently in Beta.


Thread-Based Sync allows users to manually change and set the related records on a synced email. By making the change the first time, Email Sync will automatically retain those relations for new emails in that thread going forward.

  • Users set the related records once per email thread (via manual Email File).

  • Then Email Sync will automatically sync and relate any new emails in the thread to those newly selected related records.


  • Cirrus Insight Admin permissions

  • Thread-Based Sync is enabled for your org (during alpha/beta)

  • Pro-Plan Or Higher


1. Navigate to Email Sync Enrichments in the Admin Dashboard.

  • > Admin > Salesforce Sync Settings > Email Sync > Enrichments

2. Enable Save Email IDs.

Enabling "Save Email ID's" will unlock the ability to begin using Thread-Based Smart Link.


3. Enable Thread-Based Sync and then Save. 


  • This setting can’t be enabled unless Save Email IDs is enabled first in step 2 above.

4. Recommended:

  • Disable the Allow users to file draft emails setting (see More Details section below).

  • Navigate to Sidebar - Salesforce Integration settings.

    • > Admin > Sidebar > Salesforce Integration > Email

  • Disable Allow users to file draft emails and then Save.

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5. That completes setup! For usage details, view this article here.

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