How do I use Thread-Based Sync?


Thread-Based Sync works with Email Sync to save your custom record relations and automatically apply them to new emails in a thread.

That means you only have to set related records once per email thread (via manual Email File), and then Email Sync will automatically sync and relate any new emails in the thread to the selected related records.



Complete the following steps from the Cirrus Insight Sidebar within your inbox.

1. Open the email that you want to file to Salesforce.

2A. If the email has not yet been synced, select the File Email icon (next to the related person).



2B. If the email has already been synced, expand the top-left blue Menu and select File Email.



3. Confirm or change the additional Related To record.

  • Optionally, choose to File Attachments.

4. Click File Email in Salesforce.

  • New emails in this thread will automatically be related to the same record chosen in step 3.




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