How do I install Cirrus Insight for Outlook?


To start using Cirrus Insight for Outlook on PC or Mac, install the Cirrus Insight Office Add-in.


1. Navigate to the Cirrus Insight Dashboard and sign in:

2. From the Email sidebar box (under Downloads), select either:

  • Office Add-In to install for PC
  • Outlook for Mac to install for Mac

CI21 install office add-in from dashboard-1

3. Click the blue Get it now button from the Microsoft add-in page.

microsoft store CI21 get it now-1

4. Proceed through the installation prompts and allow permissions. 

5. Open Outlook's Home menu and click the Cirrus Insight icon in the top-right to expand the Sidebar.

Screenshot of Outlook

ℹ️  Click the Pin button in the top-right of the Sidebar. This prevents having to relaunch the Sidebar on every new email.


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Updated May 2022

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