How do I make someone a Cirrus Insight Admin?

Cirrus Insight relies on the concept of an Admin user to choose licenses and approve users for their organization.  The first user to sign up for a Cirrus Insight account becomes that Organization's Primary Admin user.  This Admin is responsible for payment and for managing participation in that organization by additional Cirrus Insight users.  By default, the organization is defined by the email domain of the company.  The Cirrus Insight Administrator is provided with the ability to share management rights with appropriate users.  To edit a user profile, click the pencil beside their name, and the Edit Profile Screen will appear where the user role can be changed from "User" to "Manager" or "Admin".

The Admin Role can make payments or perform user management.

The Manager Role will enable the  Manage Users tab, where the manager can invite users to the organization, or delete them (using the X beside the entry), as appropriate.

A user cannot delete themselves.

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