Cirrus Insight's Rest API - Technical Documentation

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This article is designed for Software Engineers, IT Analysts, and Web Developers. So they can build apps or workflows using Cirrus Insight.

Cirrus Insight API is designed to use REST(Representational state transfer) pattern.


Enable Cirrus Insight REST API features for your organization.
Cirrus Insight Sharing API features are turned OFF by default for each organization.
Please contact Cirrus Insight Administrator to enable/disable features.

Once the feature is turned ON, you will receive key_id. It's an organization's unique API identifier. It should be used to access Cirrus Insight Sharing API Endpoints for your organization.

There is no specific authentication required to access Cirrus Insight REST API.
It's a public API endpoint that can be used from any origin.
Use your key_id provided by Cirrus Insight to access sharing endpoints.

API Endpoints
Base URL:

Cirrus Insight Sharing Calendars API
Get user Calendar Scheduling calendars list information by emails list

GET /api/organizations/:key_id/calendarviews?emails_list={emails_list}

Attributes and query parameters
key_id string
Unique Organization Code provided by Cirrus Insight, Please contact Cirrus Insight to obtain that.
emails_list string
Comma-separated list of user emails

Response status codes
200 - Success
Request processed successfully and calendars list provided if found.

Error codes
404 - Not Found
Organization key_id is missing, not found or Calendar Sharing API is not enabled for the organization.

400 - Bad Request
required query parameter emails_list is missing or has an incorrect format


GET /api/organizations/1234-5678-90abcdef1234/calendarviews?,

Status Code 200 - Success

"status": "Success",
"calendarViews": [
"email": "",
"calendars": [
"url": "",
"name": "ABC’s Calendar",
"isPrimary": true

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