How to Use Cirrus Insight's Rest API for Calendar Scheduling

Who does this article benefit?
This article is designed for Admins, systems integrators, and developers looking to incorporate advanced custom options to embed Cirrus Insight’s calendar sharing URL links into business workflows based on a list of email addresses.

The Cirrus Insight rest API is designed to assist administrators, systems integrators, and developers to create customized use cases for the Cirrus Insight calendar sharing tool.

Because this is a tool that works behind the scenes, in this article we will explore some examples and use cases for how organizations can use the API to customize the Cirrus Insight calendar experience.


API Request{org_id}/calendarviews?


{ status: “success”,
calendarViews: [
“email”: “”,
“calendars”: [
“url”: “”,

“name”: “ABC’s Calendar”,

“isPrimary”: true


Use Case 1 - Use Cirrus Insight API to automate bookings on your website
A common use case for our customers in Banking and Financial Services is to auto-generate Cirrus Insight's calendar scheduling link for their website’s customer portal.

Typically large-sized financial services or banking firms will have many local and regional branches across the state. Each branch has a specific number of financial advisors, wealth managers, and consultants working at different hours. Employee transfer between different branches is common.

For example, let's look at ABC Financial Services. When Sean (ABC’s customer) visits ABC wants to assign him to an advisor at a branch that is closest to his location. Each branch might have different divisions or business units (Banking, Retirement Planning, Investing, etc). So if Sean wants assistance in retirement planning. The webform might be like the one below

Please Enter Your Address - Raleigh, NC
Please Choose Type of service - Retirement Planning
We matched 4 advisors to you. Please select one - ‘Mark W’
So at the final step, when you call Cirrus Insight's REST API in the back end. You can directly generate the Cirrus Insight calendar booking link for Mark W and display it to Sean.


You can either embed it in an iframe or redirect Sean to Cirrus Insight's booking link.

→ When an advisor (Mark) gets reassigned to different branches, ABC does not need to worry about updating Cirrus Insight's calendar link. would query calendars of any available advisors in your branch website as long as your web database is updated. You can request multiple calendar links at the same time.

→ Every new addition or removal of an advisor from a branch, we can generate their booking pages with just their e-mail id.

Use Case 2 - Email marketing / Customer Success flows
Customer Success teams primarily work with high-value customers of your business. If you run a SAAS technology business, your development team is shipping new features and fixing defects often.

Customer Success and Sales teams are usually assigned to a specific segment - Industry, Enterprise or SMB, Location, Vertical, Etc. So when your marketing team pushes out e-mail campaigns for Product Updates or Onboarding using the template below

‘Hello, We have released new features. Now our app is super fast, we have fixed defects and now you can execute your actions at 10x speed. Please click here to book a time with ’, your customer advisor.

In the above template - variable tag -’, will be pre-filled for different customers like for Real estate, for Finance, for Health care using your marketing software like Marketo, Pardot, Hubspot.

Now using Cirrus Insight calendar API, you can generate their personalized calendar link

API Request{org_id for cool_tech}/calendarviews?emails={{customer_success_email}

When a customer grows in size or gets assigned to a different rep, As soon as your database is updated. Your app can automatically call our API with the new rep’s email id instead of old reps. This helps you to automate some of your workflows and saves time for your team members.

Cirrus Insight's team is working on many API’s similar to Calendar booking link, We will keep you posted when we release new APIs. Click here to learn more about the API’s technical documentation and implementation details (link to Cirrus Insight's Rest API - Technical Documentation ).

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