How do I sign in to the Sidebar? | Outlook


After you install Cirrus Insight for Outlook, sign in to the Sidebar in your inbox to start filing emails to Salesforce, creating records, and much more.


1. From Outlook, click the Cirrus Insight icon in the top-right of the Home menu to launch the Sidebar.

2. Use the Sidebar's Email field to enter the email address tied to your Cirrus Insight user account.

ℹ️    The email address you enter should be the same one you use to sign into Salesforce. 

3. Check Remember Email and select Sign In.

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⚠️     If your Salesforce log in requires a customized Salesforce URL, proceed to the Custom Login section below to enter a custom, Community, sandbox, or test URL.

4. Then, most users should select the Sign in with Salesforce button. This will launch a new login window.

ℹ️    You may see alternate sign in options (Google, Microsoft, Cirrus Insight) depending on your organization settings. Check with your Cirrus Insight Admin if you're unsure how to proceed.


5. In the login window, enter your Salesforce credentials, click Log In, and proceed with any additional prompts.
Salesforce Log-In
A successful sign in will result in a confirmation screen, and the Sidebar will be connected with your Salesforce account.



Custom Login

If your Salesforce log in requires a customized Salesforce URL, complete steps 1-2 above and then proceed with the sub-steps outlined below.

  • 3a. Select the drop-down caret below the Sign in with Salesforce button.
  • 3b. Choose your Salesforce login method from the drop-down menu and enter the appropriate URL.

sign in with salesforce custom options outlook

  • 3c. Click the green Check button to continue.
  • 3d. Click the top Sign in with Salesforce button and complete sign in using steps 4-5 above.

sign in with salesforce custom URL entered outlook

Updated July 2021

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