December 2020 Release Notes

Release Highlights -

  • Domain Blacklisting on Sidebar
    • Admins can now go to Sidebar Settings > General on the Admin Dashboard and select domains to be blacklisted in the sidebar. Contact cards will not show up for any sidebar blacklisted domains and users will not be able to file emails to these domains from the sidebar.
  • List Send
    • Cirrus Insight’s latest Simple List Send feature that was available for trial on all plans for 30+ days has now moved to only Expert plan. Upgrade to Expert to continue using List Send.

Salesforce Sync

  • Cirrus Insight has enabled enhanced emails for Salesforce Sync (enhanced emails feature was limited to manually filed emails so far). If Enhanced Emails is turned on at org level, all emails filed by Salesforce Sync will now be file as an Email Message Object instead of a task.
  • Cirrus Insight now displays indicators for Outbound/Inbound emails and Filed with Automatic Sync for emails filed by Salesforce Sync


  • Password Rules
    • Password rules have been added to guide new users on password creation requirements
  • Other fixes
    • Salesforce sync now checks secondary email fields to recognize email recipients as contacts/leads and run sync

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