Archive | Release Notes ZynSync 10.15.2018

Application: ZynSync

Release Version: N/A

Release Date: 10-14-2018

Environment: Production

Release Notes:

  •  Email Sync: Added an organization setting to adjust Sent Item query start date
    • This fixed a race condition caused by mail merge where sent items were not pushed to the server when Sync ran, causing some to be skipped.
  • Calendar Sync: Add support for delegated calendars using EWS provider
  • Email Sync: Fix for issue where job crashes casting a Task -> Email Message, due to tasks being in users inbox. (previously hotfixed 2018.09.01)
  • Fix issue where meeting can get shifted if meeting timezone and user’s timezone are not the same. This is due to the way the Exchange Web Services API handles setting the meeting timezone. (previously hotfixed 2018.09.01)
  • Fixing issue with Gmail Daily Quota limit being exceeded due to customers not having the TaskSubtype field configured.
  • Task items that were generated by Email Sync are now also filtered based on Subject. (previously hotfixed 2018.09.01)
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