Citrix or Terminal Server Deployment of Sidebar

Citrix or Terminal Server Deployment of Sidebar includes the actual software installation and the deployment of two configuration files.

  1. Install Cirrus Insight on a local admin’s machine.
  2. Open the file C:Users/username/AppData/Roaming/Zynbit/User Settings.config where username is a machine user who has installed Cirrus Insight.
  3. Edit the file to include appropriate options for your site.  See this article: Configuration Settings
  4. Make sure to clear existing credentials if they are not null.  These include
    • <Cirrus InsightCredentials>
    • <Cirrus InsightUserInfo>
    • <CrmOAuthSettings>
    • <EcmCredentials>
    • <CrmUserInfo>
  5. Install Cirrus Insight on the citrix/terminal server.
  6. Copy the User Settings.Config and Logging.config files to the user app data folders for deployment.


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