October 2023 Release Notes

October 27, 2023


This week’s release includes backend enhancements to our Account Status notification system and a fix to filing Cases through the Related Lists screen. 


Account Management - Account Status Emails
  • An issue was discovered that prevented a  sync connection alert email from being sent to a user when their email password changed.

    We took this opportunity to enhance our account status notification system for increased reliability. 


Sidebar - Filing Emails to Cases

  • A defect was discovered that affected users who had Quick File turned off while filing emails to a Case through the Related Lists screen, which resulted in the email only being related to the Case and leaving off the Contact.

    A fix was implemented that ensures the email is filed to both the Case and the Contact. 

October 20, 2023


This week’s release includes enhancements for calendar events created through the scheduling page which ensures that the calendar owner is added as the organizer to the event.


Scheduling Pages - Google Users
  • When a meeting is booked on a Google user’s calendar from a personal or Team Scheduling page, the owner of the calendar is not added as an organizer or attendee.

    An update was made to ensure the calendar owner is added as an organizer to the events scheduled on the owner’s calendar through Scheduling pages.

    Screenshot 2023-10-20 at 9-12-03 AM

October 12, 2023


This week’s release includes an enhancement for task search in the sidebar and how we use service accounts when a partner admin is managing child orgs. 


Sidebar Search - Tasks
  • In some circumstances when searching for "current + Overdue" tasks, the sidebar would return incorrect results.

    The search now correctly returns the expected results when searching for tasks.
Partner admins - Child org behavior
  • It was discovered that when a partner admin would log into a child org, the system would use the service account connection of the partner org instead of the child org.

    An update was made to ensure that we always use the child org’s service account connection for any features that use this type of connection. 

October 5, 2023


This week’s release includes an enhancement for the managed connections status logic. 
Fixes were also implemented in the scheduling feature.


Admin and User Dashboard - Sync Connection
  • Our sync connection banner would sometimes appear as a false positive alert telling users and admins that their connection needs to be fixed, despite the connection working through a service account.

    Updates have been made to ensure we only show this connection issue banner when the user’s sync connection is not working.


Calendar Scheduling - Cancelling Meeting

  • In some circumstances when an booker tries to cancel the meeting through the scheduling page the reCAPTCHA prompt would grey out the the Cancel button.

    We have moved the reCAPTCHA into the Cancel Meeting pop up and the Cancel button becomes available once the booker passes the reCAPTCHA prompt.

Calendar Scheduling - Custom View

  • A bug was found where the Custom View would not accurately reflect a user’s availability when setting a very long first buffer time.

    A fix was implemented to ensure we display the user’s correct availability when using Custom View
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