Release Notes – Prod-20190527

Application: App.Zyn, Sync, Calendar Scheduling

Release Version: PROD-20190527

Release Date: 05/27/2019

Release Notes:

  • App.Zyn
    • SUPPORT-226: Resolved possible error 500 on the Services Account page when EWS Url is missing from the Organization settings and an EWS Service Account is connected
    • SUPPORT-313: Bug fix - Redirect partner admin correct after creating a new organization from Partner Admin section of the site
  • Calendar Sync
    • SYNC-447: API usage reduction - Cache invitee list earlier in the sync process, to avoid redundant calls for contact details.
    • SYNC-448: API usage reduction - Add user permissions to access Contact, Lead, and User object types to the definition cache.
    • SUPPORT-258/SYNC-494: Added Show As/Free Busy field to the set of synced fields
    • ZYNBIT-755: Added configuration option to allow users/organizations to delete events in Email when they are deleted from Salesforce.   Previously only Salesforce events could be deleted by Sync.
    • SYNC-496: API usage reduction - settings were previously configurable only at the organization level, but are now also configurable at the user level
    • SYNC-495: Bug fix – Terminate the sync job if user’s timezone is not able to be retrieved from Exchange, rather than sync as UTC
    • SYNC-451: Bug fix - Modify the EWS calendar provider to use paging when requesting large numbers of events
    • SYNC-491: Bug fix - Resolved possible issue with de-duplicate logic related to all day events when the event exists both in Salesforce and Exchange
  • Calendar Scheduling
    • ZYNCAL-110: Allow organization to customize the length of the default calendar scheduling window from 1 to 6 months.  Do this by logging into the dashboard and in the Admin Area, open the Calendar Scheduling tab.  Use the new field indicated here.

    • SUPPORT-260: Added the ability for a user to configure the hyperlink text that is used when copying/pasting meeting links from the sidebar.  To use this feature, the user should click their Calendar Scheduling icon in the dashboard and edit the field highlighted to set the text as desired.

  • SUPPORT-261: Added the ability for users to copy a plain text meeting link URL, which can be pasted into browser URL or text messages.  To use this feature, set the link type in the customized meeting widow to Plain Text.  This link can then be copied directly to text to attendees.


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