August 2023 Release Notes

August 31, 2023


A fix was released to address problems with Microsoft’s Exchange Web Services and Calendar sync. 


Calendar Sync - Exchange Web Services Connection
  • A bug was found that, in rare cases, caused sync errors for users with over 250 events that needed synced within a sync window. 

    A fix was implemented to account for the large number of events to be synced. Calendar Sync should now work as expected. 

August 4, 2023


This week’s release has added a new tooltip to the “Force Save Attachments” setting for admins. 
Fixes were released for the "Include Users from Blocked Domains" setting and sorting of Contacts in the People Tab.


Admin Dashboard - Tooltip Update

  • A tooltip for “Force Save Attachments” has been added to add more clarity around what the setting will do when enabled. The new tooltip states: “Enabling this setting will disable the Users can modify setting for Auto-file attachments and will automatically check all attachments related to an email.” 


User and Admin Dashboard - Fixed toggling of “Include Users from Blocked Domains” setting
  • When an admin or user would attempt to enable the "Include Users from Blocked Domains" they weren’t able to do so unless "Add User records to synced events using SF User Lookup" is also enabled. Admins and users can now toggle the settings on and off independently, if the setting is enabled at the admin level.
Sidebar - People tab Contact List sorting
  • The sorting feature was not affecting the displayed results within the People tab. A fix was implemented so the sorting feature works as expected in the People tab.

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