November 2023 Release Notes

November 17, 2023


This week’s release includes performance enhancements to the filed email icon and how the sidebar sorts contacts and leads. 

We also fixed a bug related to the sync status not being properly reflected. 


Sidebar - Filed Email identification
  • Earlier this year we improved how we get the filed status of an email in the sidebar. Further performance improvements were made to this update.

    We optimized the code to make the identification of a filed email even faster. Sidebar users should see the filed email icon update more quickly when selecting an email that was previous synced or filed.
Sidebar - People sorting
  • We have released an enhancement to the sidebar to improve the sorting experience.

    The sort is now setup so leads and contacts are sorted based on their order in the email’s To and CC fields.

Sync Connection Status

  • A bug was discovered that resulted in sync connections showing as active despite the email connection failing.

    When the email connection is dropped or broken, we will now correctly show the sync status as “Inactive” in the user’s Salesforce Sync Settings section of the sidebar and dashboard. 

November 9, 2023


Fixes were implemented that resolve issues with filing emails and the sidebar layout editor form in the sidebar. 


Sidebar - Filing Emails

  • A bug was discovered which showed the filed date as 12/31/1969 in Salesforce instead of the date when it was filed.

    A fix was implemented that ensures we’re using the email’s sent/received date when an email is filed.

Sidebar - Layout Editor (Admins)

  • A bug was discovered that resulted in users getting stuck at a blank screen after clicking the edit layout gear icon in the sidebar.

    A fix was implemented so the layout editor will properly load. 
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