Release Notes - Prod-20190624

Application: App.Zyn, Sync
Release Version: PROD-20190624
Release Date: 06/24/2019


Zynbit Dashboard
o SUPPORT-331: Added settings to hide individual sync tabs. Support team can now enable/disable each sync module individual for customers
o SUPPORT-352: Bug fix on Salesforce Import screen where Department and Title fields sometimes caused validation errors due to being too long
o SUPPORT-343: Modified the App.Cirrus login screen to adhere to Googles branding guidelines
o SUPPORT-354: Removed organization profile fields from the User Profile modal popups, and placed them on a dedicated page under Cirrus Insight Admin > Organization Profile

o SUPPORT-353: Added configuration option to enable full Description field sync for Calendar and Task sync. When this setting is enabled, plain text description fields from Salesforce Tasks and Events will overwrite HTML descriptions in Outlook Tasks and Events. Previously sync would not overwrite the description if it contained HTML content.
  All new organizations will have this setting enabled automatically.
  All existing orgs have this setting disabled to avoid regression/functionality change issues.

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