Archive | How Do I Create a Salesforce Lead or Contact?

When viewing an email, look at the contact listed in the Zynbit task pane.  If the cloud icon beside the name is green, this is an existing contact in Salesforce.  If the icon is blue, you do not have a record in Salesforce for this email address.  (It is possible for you have a Salesforce record for the contact that we can not locate if there is no email address match.)  Click the name of the contact to add.  By default, you are offered the option to store the information as either a new lead or new contact in Salesforce.  (If your profile does not have access to leads, that option may not be visible.)

If the new record is added as a Lead, the Salesforce lead fields are displayed with required fields highlighted in red.   When finished, click Create.

If the person is added as a contact, the Salesforce contact fields are listed.  Once again, fields required in Salesforce are marked as required and fields are displayed in the order in which they appear in Salesforce.  If the appropriate account does not exist for your new contact, the account can also be added.  When the account name is entered, the field will remain red until it matches an existing record in Salesforce.  Click the search icon and then select the correct account or add a new one if needed.


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