How do I Know People are Using Cirrus Insight?

Tracking Cirrus Insight usage is a great way to monitor adoption and identify training needs among users.  It also assists decision makers in determining your personal return on investment for your subscription.  The metrics tracked in this article are items related to the use of Sidebar, which is part of the Starter package and is also known as the email sidebar.  This feature became available in

To use the feature, three custom fields must be created in the Salesforce object where tracking is desired.  Adding these fields to the activities record will allow tracking of event creation and email filing by Cirrus Insight.  The fields may be applied to Contacts, Accounts, Opportunites, Cases, or custom objects you need to track.  Make sure the fields are editable by all Cirrus Insight users, but they do not need to appear on the page layout.

These should have the names and data types indicated below:

Field Name                                       API Name                                     Data Type
Created by Cirrus Insight                          Created_by_Cirrus Insight__c                     Date
Modified by Cirrus Insight                       Modified_by_Cirrus Insight__c                   Date
Modified Count by Cirrus Insight           Modified_Count_by_Cirrus Insight__C       Number (18,0)

The most common objects where this data is tracked are the Account, Contact and Opportunity objects.  The custom fields should be created in each object where tracking is desired.  Once the fields are implemented, you can use standard Salesforce reporting to see the effects of Cirrus Insight usage on your data entry.