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Sidebar 2020 Release FAQs

In this article, users and Cirrus Insight administrators will gain an understanding of the Cirrus Insight 2020 sidebar release and an understanding of the enhancements and the differences the user will experience.

The Cirrus Insight sidebar 2020 upgrade includes an overhaul of the existing user interface. Users can expect a more streamlined experience that provides more information at a glance with fewer clicks. The new sidebar combines functionality that was previously only available through the Cirrus Insight browser dashboard now integrated into the sidebar. Such functions include; enabling sync settings, updating the user profile, and editing calendar scheduling settings. 2020 also includes platform changes that provide a seamless user experience across all email environments, tablets, and mobile.

The following guide will provide details on the changes to the new sidebar 2020 and upgrade paths.

What changes are coming with Sidebar 2020?

Sidebar Navigation
The 2020 menu now provides four easy navigate menu options; more options, people, scheduling, and work.

The menu options in 2020 have changed. Previously users would perform actions using the sidebar menu. In 2020 the actions are available on any object card on any menu tab.

What is the People Tab?

The people tab provides information on contacts that users are engaged with on email threads. When an email is selected in the inbox, users will be presented with contact card views on the people tab that provide details about that contact.

On the people tab, detailed information on records that contacts or leads are related to will display as well alongside actions that can be performed on any contact, lead, or related record such as; creating or updating a record, sharing calendar availability with a contact, or creating a new contact or lead for an email recipient that is not in Salesforce.

Where can I quick-file emails to a contact/lead in Salesforce?

On the card view, the user can select the envelope for file email to quick file the selected email to the contact record in Salesforce.

What is an object card view?

The object card view is a new way of interacting with any object or record in Salesforce displayed from the Cirrus Insight sidebar.

What actions can I perform on an object card in 2020?
Actions include:

    • File Email to Salesforce -File attachments to Salesforce
    • Create a task
    • Log a call
    • Add an event
    • Share a calendar availability link
    • Edit record

What is the scheduling tab?

The Scheduling tab- is where users will manage, edit, and share calendar availability for themselves or for team members.

Meeting cards are viewable to edit and create meeting settings from the sidebar, manage calendar meeting types and share availability - visibility and how all meeting settings can be managed through the sidebar without having to access the dashboard to make changes.

What is the work tab?

The Work tab - is where users can manage and update work assigned to them including Salesforce tasks, opportunities, cases, and any other record type requiring management by the users.

How do I create a new record in Salesforce from the sidebar?

You create many records from the card view in the sidebar. For example, on a contact card in the people tab, I can use the actions to create a task, log a call or create an event.

If I need to create a new record that does have a related or existing record in Salesforce, I can use the create new from the more options tab.

Where can I search Salesforce in the Sidebar 2020?

On the 2.0 more options menu, users can perform quick actions to conduct global Salesforce searches, create new Salesforce records, or navigate to advanced options for filing emails to Salesforce.

How can I edit my user settings in 2020?

Users can edit settings such as sync settings to change the direction of records being sync from or to the inbox and Salesforce, change the records being synced and dates for which syncing should occur for the calendar, tasks, and email records.

How can I file emails and attachments to multiple Salesforce records?
The advanced file email menu under the more options tab provides the ability to relate an email and attachments to specific record types or multiple records in Salesforce. For example, I want to file the email and attachments to the Salesforce account and a case record at the same time.

How do I change my Cirrus Insight password? / Where do I manage my inbox connections?

Profile settings allow users to change passwords, manage connections to the inbox and calendar.

You can also find additional how-to articles for Sidebar 2020 here- /kb/zynbit-2020/ 

What new features are available for Sidebar 2020?

Settings- In the more options tab we are also bringing additional functionality into the sidebar preventing users from having to manage settings and profile information outside of the sidebar.  (Previously users would be required to manage sync settings from the Zynbit dashboard, now users can review, edit or update sync settings right from the sidebar for email, task and calendar sync.)

Users can also now manage profile settings, such as their inbox connections and user settings.

Social Lookup - on a contact card view, you can now use a 1-click lookup to research and discover info for contacts and accounts.

In the new sidebar, we are also introducing the user to the new in-app learning and messaging available in the sidebar.

The system will now provide users during their first run of the new sidebar the tutorials to help them navigate the new experience so they can onboard faster.

At any time users can also access the new resource center to see additional guides or come back to something to review. New guides and how best practice guides will continue to be added to the resource center to help users make the most out of Cirrus Insight.

For admins, we can also provide helpful information to understand user adoption and where users are in their learning of Cirrus Insight to ensure all users are given the chance to learn and understand the application at their pace.

What are my Upgrade Paths to Sidebar 2020?

Outlook Users (Including Outlook for Mac) will receive email communication prior to general consumption providing notice of the new Outlook Web Application availability.

Gmail & GSuite Users  will receive email communication prior to general consumption providing notice of the new Gmail Application availability.

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