September 2023 Release Notes

September 28, 2023


This week we released an enhancement to the way we manage attachments filed to leads in Salesforce. 

We also fixed a bug related to filing tasks and emails to leads.


Sidebar - File Attachments to Leads
  • Originally when a user would file an attachment to a lead Salesforce, the attachment would appear under the Attachments section of the email or task, but it would not show up under the Notes & Attachments section of the lead.

    An update was made to ensure the attachment shows up on both the Email/Task object and the Lead record. 


Sidebar - File emails to Leads

  • A bug was discovered that related to emails and tasks not being filed to a lead record in Salesforce. 

    A fix was implemented to ensure we’re successfully associating emails and tasks to the selected lead record. 

September 22, 2023


This week we launched new settings logic that ensures org level settings propagate to the user level if the “Allow Users to Modify” is not checked. 

We also improved the link and email tracking so it does not have an impact on the sender’s spam score. 


Buyer Signals - Email and Link Tracking
  • We received reports that our tracking URL was being treated incorrectly by spam filters and email providers resulting in undesired results with tracked emails.

    We have improved our Email and Link Tracking systems so spam filters do not treat tracked messages as potentially spammy.
Admin Dashboard - Settings Management
  • Originally when an admin would change a setting that should impact user settings, the system would not change the setting at the user level. This behavior has been updated to behave in a consistent manner.

    When an admin changes a setting in the dashboard and has the “Allow users to modify” option unchecked, the setting will propagate to the user’s account making the user experience consistent across the org.

    If the admin has the “Allow users to modify” checkbox checked, the setting will not propagate to users. 

September 8, 2023


This week’s release fixes a couple defects related to Calendar Sync and how it handles untitled events.


Calendar Sync - Outlook
  • A defect was discovered with Calendar Sync that resulted in the deletion of untitled events from Outlook after syncing to Salesforce.

    The defect was fixed so untitled events will no longer be deleted from Outlook.
Calendar Sync - Duplicate events syncing
  • A defect related to the above issue regarding untitled calendar events resulted in Calendar Sync getting stuck in a loop and creating the same event in Salesforce on each sync.

    The defect was fixed and sync no longer duplicates untitled events.

Sidebar - Sign in (Outlook 2016)

  • In some cases when a user enters their email address and clicks “Sign In” nothing happens and the user is left at the login screen.

    The issue has been resolved so users on Outlook 2016 should be able to log into the sidebar without issues. 
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