Cirrus Insight Release Notes - 12.19.2016

Outlook Desktop - December 2016 Release


  1. Reordered search results to be in alphabetical order.
  1. Any emails filed using this release should not show the Cirrus Insight email property at the top of a printed email.
  2. Truncate very long emails and store first 2000 characters instead of failing.
  3. Added a scroll bar to the File email and Refile Email screens to accommodate a large number of attachments.
  4. Task enhancements
    1. Populate task due date when an email is marked for follow-up and filed as a task.
    2. Email the new owner when a task is assigned or reassigned.
  5. An email settings box has been added to the top of the Outlook Ribbon to allow users to customize Cirrus Insight.
    1. The ability to toggle the track email features off and on. (This replaces the check box which used to appear on the ribbon.
    2. The auto-file feature can be set to disable the check-box to auto-file emails in a thread. This can be needed to limit memory use if needed to accommodate some computer configurations.
  6. Some Salesforce configurations have a very large number of contacts and multiple email fields. Since Cirrus Insight now checks all email fields in all contacts to determine if a record exists or has a duplicate, performance could be a problem for some organizations.  Indexes can be added in Salesforce to custom email fields to improve performance, and this version will disable checking of custom email fields if a timeout occurs during the email search.
  7. Changed "+" action label from "Create New Object" to "Create New Record."
  8. Added checking for permission sets to ensure that users can perform record add/remove/updates with special permissions.


Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed a problem where user couldn't add a new record when you had permission to view only one record type.
  2. Enable user to stop auto-filing conversations by clicking Automatically File New Messages on an email where the thread had been tracked.
  3. Fixed a problem loading Zynbit where it appeared that Zynbit was always loading and never finished.
  4. Fixed activities where name or account is required resulting in indexes that prevent filing and show as
  • Name                         or                    Name
  • Name                                                 Account
  • Account                                             Account




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