Release Notes - Cirrus Insight 11.12.2018


Release notes

 Application: App.Zyn, Sync, Calendar Scheduling

Release Version: Prod-20181112

Release Date: 11/12/2018

  • Calendar Scheduling
    • Added a notification to the Calendar Scheduling user when meetings are rescheduled
    • Added an option to simplify CAPTCHA on Calendar Scheduling booking page

Sample Videos: Scheduling a Meeting

    • Usability modifications for Multi Calendar Views
      • Add Organization specified default timezone setting
      • Fix refresh issues for sidebar
      • Add Meeting Type to Calendar View when created from the Edit Calendar View page
  • Sync
    • Dedupe synced emails when multiple users are syncing emails to Salesforce
    • Calendar Sync will offer two new options, available at an organization-wide level
    • Sync Only Events with Invitees (this would eliminate syncing private errands, etc)
    • Sync Only Events that have Contacts/Leads as Invitees (this would eliminate syncing private errands and meetings which only had internal attendees)


  • Calendar Sync: Disable Salesforce to Email sync option for Office365 accounts.  Customers should use Exchange connections for Office 365 accounts.  The O365 connection for calendar sync has been found to cause unwanted invitations to be issued.  See this article to add an Exchange Sync Connection:  /knowledgebase/connect-zynbit-and-exchange-server


  • Bug Fixes
    • WEB-529: User is not notified of a failed Stripe payment in the UI
    • WEB-550: Calendar Scheduling branding image uploads fail in IE11
    • WEB-553: Profile and branding image uploads fail in Firefox
    • ZYNCAL-79: Calendar Scheduling Meeting Cards scroll bars overlap in IE11
    • ZYNCAL-82: Meeting names with special characters cause issue with the sidebar and booking pages



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