Cirrus Insight 2020 Task Sync - Between Email and Salesforce

The process of syncing tasks using Sync will create tasks in Salesforce to mirror tasks in Outlook or Chrome and vice versa. This allows you to create and edit all tasks in your current location and have your alternate system updated.

Sync’s task sync provides the ability to bi-directionally sync tasks between email and Salesforce task lists.

Synced fields include:

  • Event Summary/Title
  • Start Date
  • Description
  • Assignee

To synchronize tasks between Email and Salesforce, open the hamburger menu on the Cirrus Insight sidebar and click on Salesforce Sync.  Click on Tasks to edit the sync rules.

If connection prompts appear,  follow the instructions to add: 1) your email credentials (for the email account that has the tasks to share with Salesforce) 2) and your Salesforce credentials and 3) authorize Cirrus Insight to do work on your behalf.  This allows Cirrus Insight to read tasks from one system and create them in the other.  If you are already connected, you will not see these prompts.

Note:  If you need to connect an Exchange platform, your Exchange administrator should be able to assist in completing the exchange setup using these instructions.  Connecting with Exchange Servers

Use the Task tab at the top enter area of the page to set up task syncing.  Choose the directions information should flow by selecting from the drop down menu.

Tasks are synced to the person assigned, beginning the day the configuration is implemented.  The Sync service runs every two hours by default.