Admins | How do I use Web Visitor Tracking?


Cirrus Insight Admins can gauge customer engagement by using the Web Visitor Tracking code to integrate your website's visitor traffic with email communications.


1. To track a website using Cirrus Insight, navigate to the Web Visitor Tracking page within the Dashboard.

admin dashboard web visitor tracking CI21

2. Copy the code snippet and paste it into your website templates so that it appears before the closing </head> tag. 


  • When this code runs, it asynchronously loads the JavaScript library onto the page and then sends pageview hits for the current page.
  • It will not affect load times.
  • It can be used on every page (e.g. smaller sites), or it can be used only on key pages (e.g. sites with a lot of dynamically generated web pages, user forums, etc).


Updated August 2021

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