Admins | How do I adjust Sidebar settings for my org?


Cirrus Insight Admins can customize the Sidebar experience for their org, including whether certain features and functionalities are available or not.


admin dashboard sidebar general navigation1. Open this Cirrus Insight Dashboard page:
Sidebar - Admin Dashboard

Or, to navigate within the Dashboard, select Admin (top right) > Menu menu-icon > Sidebar > General



2. From Sidebar - General settings, you can enable/disable features (such as Email Tracking or Email Templates) so they're either visible or hidden in the Sidebar for users.

In addition, you can customize the following:

Sidebar Action Items  
Customize the action icons that display in the Sidebar for users.

Reposition (drag-and-drop) or show/hide (single click). Prioritize action icons from left-to-right and top-to-bottom.

The most prioritized action (which can differ per object) will initiate automatically when a user selects an object card in the Sidebar.

For example, prioritizing "Edit Object" in the top left would automatically launch edit mode after the user clicks on the object card for a particular record.


Select domains to be blocked on sidebar  
To avoid loading records for accounts/contacts/leads that are tied to a specific email domain, you can block the domain by adding it to the Select domains to be blocked on sidebar field. select domain

admin dashboard search and visibility 3. From Salesforce integration settings, you can adjust how the Sidebar interacts with your Salesforce environment.

  • Search and Visibility: customize how the search function works and adjust the Sidebar UI based on the objects your Salesforce org prioritizes.
  • Email: customize Email Filing and List Send features.
  • Attachments: customize how Email Filing handles attachments.
  • Calendar: customize Event Filing behavior.
  • Creating Records: see Admins | How do I customize Creating Records settings for my org?.

Note: Checking the Users can modify box allows users to adjust the setting on their own.


Updated Jan. 2022

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