Admins | How do I determine if a record was created by Cirrus Insight?


You can create a set of custom fields in Salesforce to easily determine if a record was created by and/or modified by Cirrus Insight.

  • The custom fields can be applied to any standard or custom objects you need to track.
  • The resulting data can be used to measure adoption, identify training needs among users, determine ROI, etc. via Salesforce reporting.

Note: if your org previously used "Created by ZynBit" fields, these will continue to work with the current version of Cirrus Insight OR you can create new fields using the steps below.


You'll need the help of your Salesforce Admin or sufficient permissions to create new fields in Salesforce. Review Salesforce Help - Create Custom Fields.


1. In Salesforce,  create the following custom fields for each object that should be tracked.

Use the names and data types indicated below:

Field Display Name: Created by Cirrus Insight
Data Type: Date or Checkbox
Field Display Name: Modified by Cirrus Insight
Data Type: Date
Field Display Name: Modified Count by Cirrus Insight
Data Type: Number (18,0)
  • The above Field Display Names are not case sensitive.
  • Cirrus Insight will only look for the Field Display Name, not the API name.

2. Make sure the fields are editable by all Cirrus Insight users.

  • However, they do not need to appear on the page layout.


3. Once the fields are implemented, you can use standard Salesforce reporting to see the effects of Cirrus Insight usage in your org.

  • In addition to using the fields on Leads, Opportunities, and Accounts, another common usage is on the Activities and/or Email objects to track event creation and email filing.


Updated May 2022


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