How do I install Cirrus Insight for Gmail?


To start using Cirrus Insight for Gmail, install Cirrus Insight's Chrome extension.


1. Navigate to the Cirrus Insight Dashboard and sign in:

2. Select Gmail Chrome Ext from the Downloads section, which will open the Chrome Web Store in a new tab.

CI21 install gmail chrome ext dashboard downloads

3. Click Add to Chrome.

chrome web store install CI
ℹ️    Sign in to Chrome with the Google account you intend to use with Cirrus Insight. This prevents having to manually reinstall the extension if you use a different computer.

4. Select Add extension from the confirmation window.

add extension

5. Navigate to Gmail and click the Cirrus Insight icon in the top-right to expand the Sidebar. Refresh your browser tab if the icon isn't yet visible.

gmail sidebar expand pin

ℹ️     Click the Pin button in the top-right of the Sidebar to keep it continually expanded.

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Updated May 2022

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