Admins | How do I set up Email Blast Sync?


  • Use Case:  Level up Sales rep efficiency by automatically filing emails sent via Email Blast to Salesforce, so that reps spend less time in the sent folder filing emails one at a time.
    • For Organizations that leverage Email Blast but prefer to file all other individual emails manually.


Comparison Email Blast Sync and the Out of Box Email Sync Service

 Email Blast Sync

Email Sync

This method syncs only outbound/sent Email Blast emails according to your org's Email Sync Rules/Filters.

All other individual emails sent/received are filed manually.

This method automatically syncs all individual incoming and outbound emails, including Email Blast emails according to your org's Email Sync Rules/Filters.



Set up Email Blast Sync and User Settings

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1. Navigate to Admin Dashboard: Salesforce Sync Settings.

  • > Admin > Salesforce Sync Settings > General Settings

2. Enable Email Blast Sync.

  • Once Email Blast Sync is activated, Users will see the "File Emails to Salesforce" checkbox is conveniently pre-checked when Users initiate an Email Blast from the sidebar.
  • All emails sent via Email blast will automatically sync to Salesforce.  


  • NOTE: All Filters and Rules configured for Email Sync will apply to Email Blast Sync.

3. Save

  • NOTE: If your Organization is currently using Email Sync, enabling Email Blast Sync can disrupt current User email reporting.  To make sure there is no disruption, we will confirm the following:

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4. Users must then start their sync service if it has never been started or is stopped.


Advanced Settings

1. (Optional) Enable Allow Email Blast Sync Opt Out

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  • The setting allows Email Blast Users to uncheck the “File Emails to Salesforce” checkbox when creating an Email Blast. 
    • For Example: This option is useful when sending internal Email Blasts that may not require sync to Salesforce.

  • NOTE:  (Recommended) When left disabled ensure the “File Emails to Salesforce” box will always be checked. Email Blast Users will not be able to uncheck the box. This means all outbound Email Blasts will always sync to Salesforce.
  • If this setting is enabled, there is an option to choose whether to allow Users to Opt In to the File Email Blast Emails to Salesforce. (See Below)

2. Save.


Choose Default State for 'File to Emails to Salesforce' Checkbox

 1. Navigate to Admin Dashboard: Sidebar General Settings.

  • > Admin > Sidebar > General > Email Blast

2. Choose to Disable Default State - File Email Blast To Salesforce

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  • Disable this setting to allow Users must manually check the File Emails to Salesforce checkbox before sending the Email Blast to automatically sync to Salesforce. If left unchecked, any email sent via email blast must be individually filed from the sent folder.

3. Users Can Modify:  Selecting 'Users can modify' will allow Users to adjust the default state of the checkbox to meet their workflow.

  • The User controlled setting can be accessed from the Hamburger > Quick actions > Settings menu in the sidebar or the Sidebar setting in the User Dashboard Sidebar Settings. 

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9. Save.

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