Admins | How do I allow Cirrus Insight through Google Workspace?

Who does this article benefit?

This article is designed for Admins and users who use Cirrus Insight Sidebar for Gmail on Chrome.

What has Changed?

Google is changing the way they approve and verify applications that access email data. This change will require administrators of Google Workspace to manage third-party app access for the Cirrus Insight application in order to avoid Sync interruptions. This change takes effect on April, 30, 2020. 

Impacted Users and Organizations

If you are an Admin of a Cirrus Insight Organization which uses Google Workspace Apps on Chrome and use Cirrus Insight’s Salesforce Sync.

Google's change means that free Gmail users (with email addresses) will not be able to use Cirrus Insight’s Salesforce Sync. This does not apply to paid Google Workspace users (with email addresses specific to your organization).

How to Allow Cirrus Insight

To prepare, follow the steps outlined in the G Suite help article to control which third-party applications and internal apps access G Suite data. Be sure to set the app state for Cirrus Insight to Trusted.

To complete the process for authorization, Google may require that you provide the Cirrus Insight App Client ID.

If you are an existing GSuite User (as on 04/30/2020) and you use Service Account to login to Cirrus Insight. This likely does not impact you.

Action to Take

Go to if you have admin access or you may have to contact your IT administrator to do the steps.

Go to

Click Add App , and Enter the App Client Id we have given below. Also ensure access is set to ‘Trusted’.

Cirrus Insight App Client ID 


If you have any questions, contact Support via live chat from any page on the Cirrus Insight website.


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