October 2020 Release Notes

Release Highlights -

  • List Send
    • List Send lets users populate a list of recipients anywhere from a small group to a list of up to 500 recipients who are records in Salesforce (Contacts or Leads). You can add this list To/Cc/Bcc fields and use templates or compose your own email without going anywhere outside the Sidebar, and with just a few clicks. List Send leverages List Views on Salesforce to enable this faster communication. More info in this KB article on How to use List Send.


  • Under Sidebar settings on the 2020 Admin Dashboard, a new setting is added that lets Admins rearrange the order of Action Buttons that users see in the Object Cards on the sidebar
  • Under Email Settings on 2020 Admin Dashboard, a setting is added to let admin choose whether emails should be filed as Tasks or Email Objects. The default is Email Object.
  • Improvements for Direct Invoicing customer on the license/checkout screens

Graph API


  • Buyer Signals
    • Fixed issue with tracking links with images and displaying Buyer Signals
  • Other fixes
    • Fixed issue with bulk activation of sync from admin dashboard for Non-Adopters (users who never turned on sync)

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