February 2021 Release Notes

Release Highlights -


  • Smart Link
    • Emails and Events filed to Salesforce via Cirrus Insight’s Salesforce Sync can now be automatically related to the most recent Salesforce objects. Admins and users can select from standard objects like opportunities and cases to be added as what IDs for synced items.
  • Account Enrichment
    • Cirrus Insight will now also support Account Enrichment or Account being added as What ID whenever Salesforce Sync files an Email or Event to a Contact on Salesforce
  • Enhanced Email
    • Enhanced emails will now support html formatting of original emails when emails are filed (both via sync or sidebar) as Email Message Objects in Salesforce


  • Salesforce Sync Settings on Dashboard
    • ‘Salesforce Sync Settings’ is now added as a separate option under the Dashboard Menu that takes you to the new Sync Settings layout. Admins and users can easily find all sync settings like rules, filters, and enrichments for Calendar, Email, and Tasks sync under this new layout - making it easy to customize sync behavior for your org.
    • Admins can use ‘Users Can Modify’ option on sync settings to control which sync settings should users be able to personalize
  • Partner Admin Access
    • Enterprise Orgs with multiple ‘child orgs’ under a single Cirrus Insight subscription can now contact Cirrus Insight Support to request for ‘Partner Admin’ access for their Admins. Partner Admins will be ‘Admin of Admins’ who can manage all the child orgs under a partner org.


  • Fixed issue with the subject line on emails filed as Email Message Object
  • UI issue with viewing legacy plan names on Licensing/checkout page fixed
  • ZB Username added as a column on the Calendar Analytics Page on Admin Dashboard

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